Smallism is the New Sizism

Is David the new Goliath? Or in stiletto-speak, Thumbelina the new Gulliver?

The recent US election was perhaps the tipping point to the small is the new big phenom, but if you’ve been listening closely, you would have heard this in many stirrings and prior iterations. Farmers Markets have established themselves into the mainstream as both en vogue and necessary. The role of small business both in local communities and to the larger economy is firmly established. Local has become the most potent pathway to all things global. Small Business Saturday is slowly but surely becoming far more compelling (and less perilous!) than big business’ Black Saturday.

This isn’t all that new. What is new, however, is this question: with every individual and organization now having to do more with so much less, is less the new more? Has Smallism become the new Sizism? Was Sting the harbinger all this time when he reminded us, Every little thing she does is magic? And is this now the mantle we are called to take with the grace only hands with such smallness as the rain can muster?

In the aftermath of Occupy’s 1% vs 99% there are those of us who are ready to buck, our sleeves have been rolled up and hands stay dirty and ready to do the work. Moving forward requires big thinking, but it is only when we embrace the power of all things small and see the magic in every little thing we do and say that we will finally finally get it. It’s the small things, stupid.