Mothering Earthlings: Brand Purpose, Branding and Design

Mothering Earthlings is a social business co-owned by Tish Vallés and her sister and mom blogger Rone Vallés-Guerrero.

It  began when the invasion of two earthlings named Gael and Aiden. They came into Rone’s  world and turned it upside down. As she began the search for cool and funky clothes, Rone learned that mainstream Kids’ clothing brands were either too boring and conservative or ridiculously expensive.

The Mothering Earthlings Purpose
In her continuing quest, Rone  found all these inspiring mom-preneurs who were making good quality products at a fraction of the price of the mainstream foreign brands, each mom specializing in a few products that catered directly to a certain progressive parenting lifestyles

This is when we defined our purpose: Mothering Earthlings proudly features Filipino design,  celebrates mom-entrepreneurs, serving as their ally in reaching  Earthlings all over the world and advocating a progressive approach to parenting.

Our vibe and our style are about creativity, imagination, touches big and small that Earthlings use to express their style and their personality. Our Earthlings are free and happy. It doesn’t always make sense, but it makes sense to them and this is what matters.

Branding and Identity

With a clear purpose and vision in mind, we crowdsourced our logo design and are overjoyed with the quirky, graphic and timeless mark.


And made our Brand Statement, which speaks to both the fashions that we carry and the progressive parenting approaches we espouse and are gaining influence in.


Our online boutique is steadily growing, and we have tripled the brands we carry in just eighteen months.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 3.19.18 AM

We come in Style

A statement of clothing and parenting style, Mothering Earthlings has expanded into brand experience with physical pop up spaces for  Earthlings to engage in playful learning, and their parents can learn and discuss emerging parenting practices and philosophies that provide contemporary alternatives to the old-school, traditional approaches that prevail.

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